Doctors Kindly Request You Not Be A Festival Muppet In This Hectic Heat Pls

Tell ya what, it’s a freaking hot one out there folks. The beers are on ice, the tunes are loud and the festivals are cranking. 

And as the country is hit by sweltering heat this festival season, the president of the Australian Medical Association, Dr Michael Gannon, is telling punters to take it easy in the sun this year. 
He’s urging all attendees to drink plenty of water, coat yourself in sunscreen, wear a hat and keep an eye on your mates. 

“We all love getting together with friends, listening to great music, and having some fun,” he said. “But sometimes, things can go wrong. It’s easy to overindulge, overheat, or dehydrate.”

In all seriousness though, look after yourself and be safe in the sun. Nothing caps off a horrendous hangover quite like a bad case of sunburn and heatstroke. 
And take it easy on the overpriced mid-strength piss, would ya? 

“Drinking too much alcohol is never a good idea, and it can be particularly bad for your health if you’re spending long hours standing in the sun on a hot day,” said old mate Gannon. 
As much as I refuse to trust anyone that shares the name of the villain in The Legend of Zelda games, the bloke’s got a point. Also, he’s a doctor. 
Stay safe, fam. 
Photo: The Simpsons.