DJ Gwyneth Paltrow Mixtape

Those of you who live in a bizarre celebrity-free bubble, may be unaware that Gwyneth Paltrow has been stepping on Martha Stewart’s Crocs and Oprah’s Jimmy Choos of late, by way of her weekly e-newsletter. Called GOOP, the newsletter covers food, fashion, travel, relationships and spirituality. In her own words, “I had a lot of really useful information that I was privileged enough to get, because I have this amazing, super, fortunate life…” So what she’s really saying is, “Climb out of that shitty hole you live in by being more like me.”

The whole thing is really fascinating and addictive for lots of unintended reasons. The backlash against GOOP from sources such as The New York Times and New York Magazine was so swift and fervent that Gwynnie came out a number of times to defend self righteous ways see here, here and here.

If this week’s GOOP is anything to go by, Gywnnie may be thinking of packing all of her other careers in to become a DJ, which begs the question, what should her dj name be? Here are some of our suggestions:

dj goop
dj g-palts
dj vegannaise
dj insufferably snooty
dj everyone-wants-to-be-me-so i-can’t-understand-why-i’m-getting-so-much-shit-for-my-stupid-e-newsletter
dj i’ve-got-lots-of-rich-famous-and-influential-friends-including-jay-z-so-suck-it-plebs

by her own assertion, dj goop knows how to “get down” so she’s decided to bless the unwashed proletariat with music recommendations from her own self and a few of her nearest and dearest (including but not limited to Samantha Ronson & DJ AM).

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