DFA Records Split?

DFA Records was birthed in September, 2001 by Disco enthusiast James Murphy, manager Jonathan Galkin and a Producer, DJ and musician by the name of Tim Goldsworthy. Seven years earlier, in 1994, Goldsworthy founded electronic UK juggernaut UNKLE with James Lavelle and would later work with dance/rock archetypes The Rapture, Hercules & Love Affair, The Juan MacLean and Cut Copy.

Now however, Goldsworthy is apparently MIA and off DFA. According to an email received by the Resident Advisor label manager and DFA founder Jonathan Galkin was unaware of Goldsworty’s whereabouts and the label has continued operations without him: “Tim Goldsworthy moved away to somewhere in the United Kingdom, without informing anyone here at DFA. We have had no word from him since he left the United States. So we moved on with our lives and our business. Simple as that. He most definitely took a piece of us when he left, but we wish him the best with whatever he gets up to next.”

“I haven’t left,” Goldsworthy said in rebuttal “If that was the case then, well, Murphy’s never there, cause he’s always touring or in the studio, so that would mean he left, I don’t know, nine years ago or something?”. Goldsworthy attributes his relocation to work and family commitments and most recently co-produced tracks for Massive Attack’s forthcoming Heligoland.