DELTREN: Delta Goodrem & Darren McMullen No Longer Sitting On Top Of Each Other

This is Deltvastating news, but Delta Goodrem and Darren McMullen – the couple we dubbed DeltRen – are not an item, according to reports on Darren McMullen has told the “Insider” section that the two are “definitely not dating” despite their highly publicised flirtation (read: heaps sloppy make out sesh) and time spent together abroad this week in L.A., where The Goods is filming an upcoming music video for her new album, The Suburbs.

McMullen denied earlier claims that the two were seen hooking up at a recent Lady Gaga concert in Sydney, saying “We didn’t even sit next to each other at the concert for most of the time. We are not dating. We are just friends. We have been good friends for six years but we’re definitely not dating.” See, I told you it was deltvastating news.

Pants Man McMullen is back in Sydney this week for a special charity episode of The Voice (Reaches Out) and confirmed that he’d like to once more don an impenetrable layer of fake tan and purple velvet to host the second season of the show, should the producers have him.

Also revealed today is news that The Voice is responsible for Channel Nine’s half-yearly rating dominance (Holy Mother of Goodrem we’re halfway through the televisual year as of today!), reeling in over 2,524,000 viewers at its peak. I just don’t know if I can live in a world (or watch another season of The Voice) where DeltRen is not a thing. At least we’ll always have this, just like Delta does – in her basement shrine to herself:

Photos via Cole Bennetts and Torsten Blackwoods for Getty.