DELTREN: Delta Goodrem and Darren McMullen Are Sitting On Top Of Each Other

I think it’s safe to say Delta Goodrem has impeccable taste. In matters of style, fake tan application, measured use of hair extensions and artistic license, Delta has her personal steez locked down. In fact, I think it was The Goods who coined that oft quoted style dictum “before you leave the house, always put on one more layer of everything.”

Style aside, Delta also has great taste in men, with a dating history that reads like an All-Stars shortlist of Bachelor Of The Year contenders: first there was The Poo (Mark Philippoussis, The Scud who inspired this musical sapphire), then came a close-call engagement to Brian McFadden, followed by a brief flirtation with one of the Jonas Children. Now it would seem Delta and her Voice co-star, the man who shares a colour palette with a can of Passiona, Darren McMullen, are sitting on top of each other!

The two were seen canoodling at Chris Isen’s Halloween party Lady GaGa’s Born This Way Ball where they were joined by our reigning favourite orange couple Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman, who was out celebrating her 45th birthday. “A concert insider” (someone at the show, probably a Little Monster called Delta) told that the two “finally let their guard down” and spent the evening pashiona-ing and holding hands after months of on-set flirtation and six years of friendship (sexual tension).

Reps for Goodrem and McMullen – who has a bit of a reputation as a pants man – have declined to comment, which means they’re totally doing it! Good luck Darren! You’re up against this:

Photos via Cole Bennetts and Torsten Blackwoods for Getty.