Cut Copy Score A Grammy Nomination For ‘Zonoscope’

Well look what Cut Copy dun-gone went and did. The Melbourne unknowns are up for a Grammy Award in the Best Dance/Electronica Album for their album Zonoscope, released in February 2011. The album (which also boasts one of the finest pieces of sleeve art of the year) will be facing some stiff competition in the category, which is heavy in high-selling chart favourites and meme-y dance acts with asymmetrical haircuts. They are:

Grammy Nominees: Best Dance/Electronica Album

4×4=12 – Deadmau5
Deadmau5 pronounced ‘dead mouse’ is a progressive house / electro producer from Canada – the motherland of Ryan Gosling! He wears a large mouse headpiece while performing to hide the fact he’s a pimply white teenager. Only kidding – he’s 30 and the mouse costume is just for adorableness. People who are into progressive house music think this guy is a total genius. Mums who like Wedgewood china and tulips think he’s something you need to remove from the house with a broom.

Nothing But The Beat – David Guetta
David Guetta is a French house producer with enough cash to populate three Scrooge McDuck money bins. Depsite many detractors, awful singles (“Sexy Bitch” featuring Akon, bitch please) and terrible Euro hair, there’s no doubt that the dude knows how to throw together a dancefloor party anthem. Case in point? “When Love Takes Over” featuring Kelly Rowland. There’s no denying the infectiousness of that hook. If you were in a gay club in 2009 there’s a 100 per cent likelihood you got crazy to that little jingle.

Body Talk, Pt. 3 – Robyn
Diminutive Swedish electro-pop princess Robyn serves up produced-to-the-hilt, slicker-than-your-average pop tunes like a tiny pro. That’s professional. Not prostitute. She may not be everyone’s cup of tea (Pedestrian commenters have referred to her as “rubbish” and “shit”), but we think of her pretty favourably. How can you not dig this song:

Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites – Skrillex
Do you like Skrillex? His MO involves dubstep, electro and house, he’s sometimes referred to as a dance production ‘prodigy’ (because he’s only 23) and he wears a very modern haircut. This year he has been nominated for five Grammy Awards. I need to learn more about Skrillex because this is about all I know about the guy. #FingerOffPulse.