Cory Kennedy Blogs

Wondering why you’ve been seeing less Cory on your Cobra?

Well Australian record label Levity (the record label dedicated to great tunes and denim) decided to end the posing and give our Cory a day job. Cory Kennedy is Levity Land’s backstage blogger. Which basically means that you can check out Cory’s blow-by-blow accounts of a gruelling 3 day Coachella trip or eagerly await her reprots from Nylon Magazine’s summer music tour.

Notable highlights from the Coachella posts include: “the one thing i hate most when going to see shows is when the artists play predominately new songs” and “i loved the gun shot noises from paper planes”

There’s also candid snaps of all your Pedestrian faves The Teenagers (Pictured above), Uffie (yes this is the 40th time we’ve mentioned her in the last 24 hours), Busy P and M.I.A.

For more Cory blogging goodness check it all out here

Cory Picture The Cobra Snake all other photos by Cory (i assume)