Cory Kennedy, Mark Hunter AND Tilly and the Wall in 90210

When you’re competing with a juggernaut like Gossip Girls AND living in the shadow of the greatest teen programming of the 90’s, you’re kind of doomed to fail…

The new kids of Beverly Hills will unfortunately never stack up to originals like Jason Priestley or Luke Perry, let alone that glorious alien Tori Spelling. To consolidate Producers have interjected the show with hipster cameos from the likes of Cory Kennedy, Mark Hunter and Tilly and the Wall to mask how positively bland the cast is. It didn’t work.

This got me to thinking about music cameos in television shows and whether or not it is in fact a good thing. Is the commercial exposure worth the blow to a band’s credibility? Does it hurt their credibility at all? I always thought it was a bit naff when shows wove “it bands” into the storyline to try and resonate with the youth, but maybe it does actually work. Do I respect The Killers less because they played at The OC’s Bait Shop? Do I even respect The Killers at all? Lets look back on some of the more memorable band cameos in teen television history. Regrettably, I couldn’t find a video of when The Wombats graced Ramsay street, a gold star to anyone who can find it, or suggest some I’ve overlooked…

Crystal Castles on Skins

Modest Mouse on The OC

The Simpsons. My favourite band cameo would have to be Cypress Hill

“Who is playing with the London Symphony Orchestra? Come on people, somebody ordered the London Symphony Orchestra… possibly while high. Cypress Hill, I’m looking in your direction…”