Check Out These Amazing Highlights From The Sydney Laneway Festival

Real talk. If you were in Sydney on Sunday, February 1st, and you weren’t at the Sydney College of the Arts for the epic 2015 instalment of the much beloved Laneway Festival, it’s entirely likely that you were either,

a) At work, incrementally hating everything with each social media post that rolled in;
b) Frantically scouring Gumtree and Facebook for someone with a spare ticket or plus one, or;
c) Ruing throwing in a burgeoning high jump career back at the Under 8s, for the fences are simply too high nowadays.
Luckily for you guys, we were there </humblebrag> and we had our shithot camera dudes with us. So as a little treat – and a little needle for that fading sense of FOMO you might have had – we’ve put together this little highlights video of our favourite moments from what went down inside the fences.
But hey, don’t let it bum you out too much. Get in the spirit! Chuck on your sleeveless-est shirt, wrap your biggest sunnies around your face, fix yourself a refreshing mojito and hit play. It’s good for what ails ye! 

And while we’re at it, big shout out to Flight Facilities for letting us use their awesome, summer soundtrack song “Down To Earth“, taken from their excellent debut album. Get it on iTunes here.