Power Combo Charli XCX & Lizzo Drop Revamped ‘Blame It On Your Love’

Potentially the collab of the year/your dreams right here, Charli XCX and Lizzo have combined their powerful forces to create a hell of a banger – and if you’re a Charli XCX fan you probably already know all the words.

[jwplayer oTLxnTkI]

The powerhouse duo has reworked Charli’s ‘Track 10‘ from her Pop 2 mixtape, drawing it away from the original mix of effervescent, abrasive PC pop, moulded it in with more of a bass-heavy dancehall vibe, transformed it into a hell of a bop, and gave it a name; ‘Blame It On Your LoveWe love a queen who can literally shapeshift her music from one banger into another. Holy shit, the TALENT.

Blame It On Your Love was a song that had actually been around for me for about four years, and there’s a different version of it on Pop 2,” Charli XCX told PEDESTRIAN.TV during a recent interview in Hollywood.

The original always sounded like this version, but it was never quite finished for me. I knew it was missing something and then I kind of realised that it was a feature. I thought about my time at the house party with Lizzo, talking about the song, and I was like maybe she should be doing this song instead.

Definitely not shy of a collab, Charli XCX told me that there’s always a special vibe around a good musical matchup, simply because nobody else can recreate the specific sound that two strong performers create together.

It breathes new life into a song. Whether it’s a song that’s been around for ages or a new song or whatever, like the second you put another artist on it, if that artist has a really strong identity the song becomes something that you could never have even imagined.

That’s why I really like collaborating with people, because you begin to make a concoction that no one else can make. It becomes really specific to the two of you, especially artists who write and bring their own flavour; it’s like no one can replicate that combination.

Charli and Lizzo want this to be your new party anthem and with the way that I’m currently bopping along to it at my desk, I dare say that they’re on the bloody money.


Blame It On Your Love‘ is the first taste of a new album that Charli’s been working on and though she doesn’t have all the details pinned down just yet, she tells me that she’s come back around to albums, but only if they’re done in a “really extreme way.

“whatever I end up releasing, it’ll probably be quite ridiculous and extreme,” Charli said. “You know like a 50-song album, something like that.”

Check out the new track below, and be fully prepared to add it to all of your party playlists cos ISSA BOP.