Charli XCX Goes Full ‘Tim And Eric’ In This ‘Famous’ Video Teaser

While we already had a bit of a soft spot for Charli XCX, the singer has gone way up in our estimation after collaborating with Eric Wareheim, of Tim And Eric, Awesome Show, Great Job! on the video for ‘Famous’. 
The full thing will be released during the Youtube Music Awards on Monday in the US, so what we have here is a teaser, and while we don’t usually have much time for this sort of nonsense, it’s straight-up too weird not to share.
‘Famous’ features Charli XCX in a heavily distressed version of her cheerleader outfit, covered in scabs, with yellowed teeth and wild hair, looking … well, a lot like something Tim and Eric might dream up.
Wareheim’s deadpan commentary – for whatever reason, the director was only available on Skype – really makes the whole thing. 

Photo: Tim P Whitby via Getty Images