Cee Lo Green has released the clip for his new single ‘Bright Lights, Bigger City’, which capitalises on the super-popular trend in music videos of visualising song lyrics.

Admittedly, Cee Lo uses neon signs instead of animated graphics, but that doesn’t stop video coming off like a second rate So Me joint. You’ll know that French director as the guy who famously taught legions of fans every word to songs by Justice, and eventually, Kanye West:

After West’s blazing ‘All Of The Lights’, we really thought this concept had been done to death. Obviously nobody alerted Cee Lo’s management, or perhaps they just didn’t care. We never thought we’d be begging for an old-school hip-hop video with Cadillacs and Cristal girls in bikinis again, but this is getting ridiculous.

Note to rappers; if we cared that much, we’d look up the lyrics ourselves.