Video: Cee-Lo Green Covers Band Of Horses

Cee-Lo Green used to be a rapper (as part of the Goodie Mob) but now he’s a soul singer because people went a whole lot more ballistic (or, dare I say crazy) about his Danger Mouse side project, Gnarls Barkley, than they ever did about Goodie Mob (although that’s probably a matter of opinion). Cee-Lo is about to release his first solo album titled Cee-Lo Green Is The Lady Killer and by that title we’re guessing it’s going to be full of sexy ‘come hither’ Barry White R&B vibes. Alternatively, it might have more of an electro-soul feel – like his newly released cover of Band Of Horses ballad “No Ones Gonna Love You More Than I Do”. It’s nice stuff and Cee-Lo totally wails.


Band of Horses