Brush Up On Your Festival Game Before You Win These Tix To Bluesfest

We all love festival season, right? But like so many great plans, it’s so easy for even our best laid plans to go awry, especially when you’re trying to co-ordinate a hectic schedule with all your best pals. Here at PEDESTRIAN.TV, we’ve teamed up with TEVA to send you and three of your best mates to Bluesfest at Byron Bay this March. Even better, TEVA will give you and your squad the chance to match outfits in fashion-forward, festival-approps footwear, because nothing will ruin a long day of standing up faster than a bunch of blisters. And that’s not all. They’ll also sling you a $1000 voucher toward your flights to Byron, also, which is more money for you to spend on merch from acts like Kendrick Lamar, The National, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, and more A+ acts hitting up Bluesfest this year. For your chance to become the fave in your friend group when you offer them free tix to Bluesfest, click HERE to enter.

1. Study the line-up and make a plan for the day ahead of time.

Having a plan ahead of time will prevent that awful moment when you realise that you and your BFF actually want to see separate acts that are on at the exact same time, on opposite sides of the festival.
2. Get a map, know your locations.

Having a map will not only prevent you from walking for 10 minutes in the opposite direction of the stage you’re trying to get to, it will also help you estimate those tight schedules, so you’ll get more out of your day.
3. Have a set meeting place to meet your friends, in case you get separated.

There’s nothing worse than spending half the day searching for your posse because you got separated and their phone is dead, or lost, or broken, or there’s no signal, or any other number of variables that can ruin your day. Plan ahead, pick a spot, and if all else fails, you’ll still be able to find each other in a pinch.
4. Wear comfortable footwear.

Festival divas, I get it. You want to rock your best aesthetic and live your most glamorous life. But a music festival is not the time nor the place to rock a sick pair of stilettos. In fact, anything that’s going to tear literal shreds off of your feet is probably not ideal. Save yourself a trip to the first aid stand for band-aids and check out Teva for some glam, festival approps footwear.
5. Bring a jacket.

Weather over the course of a music festival – particular ones with multi-day lineups – can change pretty drastically, and nothing says “I had a shit time” like dying of hypothermia. Even if it’s set to be a hot day, it’s a good idea to wrap a jacket around your waist for when the sun goes down.
6. On the other hand, bring sunscreen.

Nothing is going to ruin your day/days like getting burnt twenty minutes into the day, so make sure you’re sun protected.
7. Stay hydrated.

Let’s avoid the part of the day where you finally get to the front of the mosh, just in time for your favourite act, only to faint and have to be pulled out but emergency workers.
8. Don’t film everything.

We get it. You’re having a great time, and you want everyone to see how awesome the show you’re at is. But there’s also something to be said for being ~present~ and just creating good memories from living in the moment.
9. Limit your Instagram posts.

Everyone on Instagram has rolled their eyes at an Insta-spammer at a concert. Like, yeah, we get it. You’re having a blast. You don’t need to dominate my feed with your grainy, blurry pics. Don’t be that guy.
10. Put your phone on low power mode.

Trust us, this will save you a ton of hassle.
11. Alternately, buy a portable phone charger.

Even if you don’t end up needing it, chances are, someone in your squad will, and who doesn’t love the feeling of being the friend who legit has their shit together?!
12. Bring snacks, and don’t forget to eat.

Have a rough idea of when you’re going to eat based around which acts you want to see, and bring enough snacks to make sure you make it through to meal times without getting too messy in the meantime.
13. If it’s a multi-day festival, practice putting up your tent before you get to the festival.

Don’t be Kris Jenner. 
Now that you know how to crush it this festival season, click HERE for your chance to win four tickets to Bluesfest, courtesy of TEVA, and check out all the terms and conditions HERE.