Brisbane Band Goes Viral With “Angry Birds” Clip

When Brisbane band Hey Geronimo posted their debut video to YouTube, barely a week passed before it went viral.

The clip for “Why Don’t We Do Something?” took the band six months to make and uses suspiciously high production values to bring popular iPhone games to life. The only documented instance of iPhones games increasing someone’s productivity? Probably. Thus far it’s graced numerous international tech blogs (including the Wall Street Journal and LA Times) and accrued nearly 700,000 views on Youtube.

Games depicted in the video include Plants vs. Zombies, Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Cut the Rope and the most awkward game to play in an international airport terminal, Flight Control.

Hey Geronimo is made up of members from other Brisbane bands Blame Ringo, The Boat People and Montpelier. And “Why Don’t We Do Something?” is available for free at Hey Geronimo’s Bandcamp page and on iTunes.

Meme out below…