Blonde Redhead Score Geek Flick

Ready your 20-sided die and prepare to do battle in the Forgotten Realms to the dreamy post-rock tunes of Blonde Redhead…

Documentary film maker, Keven McAlester (yes – like McCauley Culkin in Home Alone) has made music videos for indie rock bands like Spoon, The New Year and Chairlift, and also enlisted the help of New York-based rock trio Blonde Redhead to provide the original music for his last documentary “The Dungeon Masters” – a tale of three Dungeons and Dragons devotees from middle America.

Blonde Redhead have released a track from the score “Il Padroni (Main Theme/Final Reprise From The Dungeon Master)” to coincide with the films’ DVD release.

Dungeons and Dragons may traditionally be the imaginary sport of type A nerds, but you’d be surprised how many people are into it (20 million and counting), and the film follows the lives of the three central subjects as their D&D fantasy worlds become paralleled by real life fears, triumphs, disappointments and sex.
Only kidding about the sex.

It sounds kind of awesome and with Blonde Redhead at the helm, the soundtrack is guaranteed to be a winner.

Check out the trailer for the film and listen for Blonde Redhead to kick in at the 1.53 minute mark: