Billionaire Offers Drake and Chris Brown $1Mil For Rihanna Grudge Match

After last week’s nightclub feud between Drake and Chris Brown left the latter with a busted up jaw and the former with 10% more fans, a billionaire soda bottling (irony) heir and “celebrity boxing promoter“, Damon Feldman, has extended an offer to the sparring R&B stars to settle their feud with a high-stakes boxing match. As an incentive with an eerily apt twist, Feldman has offered to donate $1 million to a women’s shelter should the two agree to duke it out.

Feldman told The New York Daily News that while they “obviously have a grudge. It’s just three 1-minute rounds [and] no one will get seriously hurt” – a sentiment denied by Brown’s representatives (who claim to never have heard of the offer), and presumably, Rihanna’s.

The alligator-clad songstress is rumoured to have been at the centre of the brouhaha between the two singers which took place at the W.i.P. nightclub in SoHo, where Drake reportedly taunted Brown over his relationship with the singer, who – just when you thought the whole affair couldn’t taste any worse – Feldman would like to see as the ring girl in the ill-advised match up.

Here’s an idea for what should actually happen: Feldman should just give the $1 million to a women’s shelter. Then Drake and Brown can just get on with their dick measuring through the art of song:


Photo (L) Scott Gries and (R) Lucy Nicholson via Getty Images