Chris Brown Disses Drake’s Eyebrows, YOLO, On ‘I Don’t Like’ Remix

YOLO he didn’t! Chris Brown – who can never again win an argument because, well, Rihanna – has done the mature, adult thing to do when you’re having a dispute with someone after you’ve been involved in a nightclub brawl that leaves eight people seriously injured: release a diss track taking aim at your opponent’s eyebrows.

Brown’s remix of Chief Keef’s track ‘I Don’t Like‘ features a freestyle verse littered with lyrical gold, including “They throwin’ bottles, I’m throwin’ models” (put the models down, Brown) and “This head up, my bread up, one on one, what you scared, bruh? / Matter fact, take care bruh, you a pussy n***a.

The best line – if I had to use the word ‘best‘ alongside ‘Chris Brown‘ in a single thought – “Them eyebrows, man them shits is Yikes! OVO you overdose, YOLO no, I live twice!

In other Holy Trinity of Ugh&B news, the two police officers charged with leaking the photographs of Rihanna post-Brown will not face criminal charges according to the L.A. County District Attorney’s office. After a three year investigation it was determined that there wasn’t enough evidence that the two women exchanged money for disclosure of the images.

Via Rolling Stone

Photo of Drake’s Eyebrows by Robyn Beck via Getty Images