Big Day Out’s Rave Cop A PR Boon Says Victorian Police

An on-duty Victorian policewoman armed with a gun in her holster and the desire to put her hands in the air like she just don’t care has been cleared of any wrongdoing after footage capturing the unnamed officer fucking cutting sick, bro at the Big Day Out in Melbourne surfaced online this week.   

The Police Association Victoria has praised the move(s) as a PR godsend, saying it reminds the wider public that cops do indeed have souls and enjoy regular human being activities like the natural inclination to move to music and “put your fucking hands up” when told to do so in song, as opposed to their reputation as mindless fun regulators who shout that command to people they suspect to be carrying a weapon.

“The member in our view has taken part in a great public relations exercise,” spokesperson Bruce McKenzie said. “Victoria Police wouldn’t be able to pay for the public relations that this member has displayed at no cost to the organisation.”

“She loved it,” Jack Van De Ven, the punter who captured, told 7News. “She did a few twirls and had the whole crowd behind her. It was really good.”

And he’s right.

Big Day Out continues in Adelaide and Perth this weekend.