Before They Were Famous Haim Were In A Mortifying Bubblegum Pop Band

The Internet – online shame repository for mortifying music videos crystallising your awkward, younger self and the various things you did in earnest seven or eight years ago that seemed cool at the time but are now just crushingly embarrassing – has claimed another victim.

Danielle and Este Haim of LA trio Haim have fallen victim to the same online sleuthing which alerted us to the existence of Kimbra’s earnest teen angst phase with The Internet catching up to the musician-siblings’ mid-2000s bubblegum pop group, Valli Girls.

Below is a video for their catchy 2005 single “It’s A Hair Thing” (You Wouldn’t Understand), also the theme song for an animated tween TV show called Trollz, in all its ethnically diverse alt-tweens rocking out in superfluous studded belts, sandblasted denim skirts and chunky plastic wrist accessories glory. Comfort yourself in the knowledge that Haim were once as desperately uncool as you are right now. Bless.

Via Vulture