WATCH: HAIM Are Owning Their Wild Brit Awards Behaviour Bc They’re Legends

HAIM – the band of which I am the mystery fourth sister evidenced by this…

…are living legends. Why? Well, even though they are ridiculously successful stars in the music industry with eons of talent pouring out of them, they’re still down-to-Earth gals who are maybe slightly unhinged.

ICYMI, Este really showcased this at the Brit Awards this week:

That’s her hamming it up behind Liam Payne and Cheryl Cole, who maybe are fun but probably not as fun as Este Haim. In fact I’d like to hedge a bet that no one is as fun as the Haim sisters. Here’s another choice moment when HAIM were hilarious and clearly related to me.

You know what else the Brit Awards video shows? That the Haim gals will take their ridiculous event behaviour and own it. Nay, they’ll project it out to the world by way of posting the video to their own fan page.

This is what true heroes of our time look like, folks. Take note. Also take more note of the fact that someone should start a petition for me to join Haim – I can sing, you know. You won’t be disappointed, ladies.

Was this entire article just an opportunity for me to tell you that I should be in HAIM? Look, maybe.