Beautiful Angel Troye Sivan Nabs Song Of The Year For ‘Youth’ At The ARIAs

This year’s ARIAs are more or less exclusively a competition between Flume and Troye Sivan – sure, there are other acts up for awards, but these two have dominated the nominations and are dominating the wins. 
Troye managed to nab himself a pretty good get with his first ever ARIA award, winning the hotly contested Song of the Year with his track ‘Youth‘, presented, bizarrely, by Robbie Williams AKA the guy from that video where he ripped his own skin off:
“These are the songs that get stuck in your head, the ones that make you cry, the ones that make you want to get up and dance – that’s what the auto-prompt says.”
Inspiring stuff, Robbie.
Troye dedicated his win to other queer kids who want to get out there and make bangers, the angel:
“This is for every gay Australian kid who wants to go and make music, every LGBTQ kid who wants to go and make music – you can totally do it, and win an ARIA too.”
What a sweetheart.
Photo: Getty Images / Cameron Spencer.