Courtney Barnett Teases New Music With Cryptic Video And Website

It looks like Australia‘s laconic songstress is releasing some new music, if I’ve correctly extracted meaning from this video posted to the Milk! Records YouTube channel.

The channel shows Courtney Barnett wandering around what appears to be a large studio space, singing and playing snippets of as-yet-unreleased songs on a series of different instruments.

The video, titled Tell Me How You Really Feel, ends with a link to Barnett’s website. If you go there, you’ll find a date (February 15) and a form, asking for an email address and for you to “tell [her? them? the website?] how you really feel“, in 250 characters or less.

The video features a number of tracks, so it could well be a new album that is mere weeks away from us, or it could be something entirely different. Enjoy the ride.