Baker Boy’s New Track Is A Tribute To The Women In His Life & We Simply Couldn’t Stan Harder

It’s fair to say Baker Boy has absolutely killed the Aussie rap game in recent years.

From snagging spots in the Hottest 100 to swooning crowds at Splendour and Falls, the Fresh Prince of Arnhem Land’s unique take on the genre and unbeatable bubbly personality has managed to get punters around the country moovin’ and groovin’ like no other.

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Now, the trailblazer is back and better than ever with an exhilarating new bop, ‘Move’, in which BB pays tribute to all the incredible women in his life – I mean like, we don’t generally gush but we simply must stan this kind of behaviour.

Baker Boy (aka Danzal Baker) was originally inspired by those oozy, warm and fuzzies you get when falling in love, and wanted to pen the track to praise his very own Miyalk (girl).

As you’re all very aware, Baker is never one to follow the grain and could never possibly pen a throwaway love song (a la the Beibs‘ unfortunate ‘Yummy’), so he’s used the wickedly soulful bop to pay homage to all the strong women who have shown him how to love and respect throughout his life.

Drake‘s female-empowerment anthem ‘Nice For What’ is quaking, because here we have another RnB-laden ode to the ladies that’s about to get the world shakin’ their booties, and it’s a freakin smash.

I wanted to write a song for my Miyalk, but also show appreciation to the women who taught me to respect everyone as my equals. I grew up with beautiful spirited women and now I share my life with a strong, empowered woman so I wrote a song for her, and for all the strong-minded women out there,” said Baker Boy about the track. 

Since we’re used to Baker Boy dropping the most hectic of party-starting bangers, ‘Move’ shows-off his ability to vibe out with a lil’ down-tempo groove, flexing his hair-raising vocal chops and caramel-smooth delivery. He worked alongside Willie Taffa to craft the song, who has also produced for a few other small artists like Ariana Grande and Ella Mai, as you know, his side hustle.

In light of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, Baker Boy has also has sent a message of hope and positivity to all his fans, because we truly wouldn’t expect anything less from our king.

“To all my fans, friends and family affected by the uncertainty of COVID-19, I hope this track can help build your spirits, put a smile on your face and most importantly have a little dance. Be safe and keep positive!” 

We suggest making your way to a streaming service ASAP for repeat listens of the track, or listen to it below: