Azealia Banks Continues To Beef With Everyone, Wants To Work With Grimes

Azealia Banks’ on-again off-again Twitter feed is the source of many great things but more often that not it’s now becoming a source of unrelenting annoyance to rival that of everyone’s new least favourite Twit Bret Easton Ellis; turns out there are only so many arrangements of <3 k*nt rapunxel vamp genie weave mermaid <3 that I can stomach. Who knew?

True to form, Banks has delivered some more #goodness with her latest Twitter diss taking aim at fellow Harlem rapper Jim Jones on a track called ‘Succubi.’ The track features classic barbs like “It takes a Harlem bitch/To execute a Harlem bitch/You pop shit/I pop shit/No problem, bitch.” Not sure what that means, or what slutty demon lovers have to do with all this dissing but it certainly makes for interesting spectatorship and fantastic calls, like “Please go away“. I’m starting to think she’s just using the word as a thinly-veiled phonetic rearrangement of “suck-you-bye”, or “you suck, bye!”

Leading on from that, Banks has expressed her desire – like all 21 year girls via Tumblr – to work with Grimes. Responding to a fan’s question about future collabs, Banks responded “I’ve done a remix for Lana [del Rey], but yeah I’d def love to collab with her on something original…. I think all of these girls are great. Grimes is really cool, I love her hairstyles. 🙂” Looks like it’s going to be a diss free zone of energy, inspiration and music from here on in, “right?…… Right.”