Aussie Genius Mixes Kendrick Lamar’s ‘King Kunta’ With Super Mario Bros

Praise be to unidentifiable SoundCloud user Victory Laptop, who hails from Melbourne and has gifted the world with a delightful Kendrick Lamar-meets-Super Mario Bros. mash-up.
The minute-and-a-half long banger features Kendrick’s track ‘King Kunta’ set to King Koopa and co.’s iconic 8-bit banger, AKA the soundtrack to your childhood.

‘Kendrick Lamario Bros’ (ITSA ME, LAMARIO!) has already racked up 57,100 plays in the three days since it dropped, because genius, and now we wanna know what else Victory Laptop has up his/her sleeve.
Send us a message, mmk bro? Let’s have a beer.