Aussie Brendan Maclean Scores Award For Year’s Filthiest Music Vid

It’s hard to genuinely shock the internet, but singer song-writer Brendan Maclean managed to do just that earlier this year, when he unleashed the the risque video for his song ‘House Of Air‘ onto an unsuspecting public.
The clip featured graphic sex scenes in a (quite literally) cheeky tribute to 1970s gay culture and iconography, and racked up close to a million views before it was unceremoniously yanked from YouTube.
You may have seen the shocked reaction video by PewDiePie, which helped send the original clip viral, or you may have found House Of Air in its current home on Vimeo, where it continues to rack up views in the millions. 
Overnight, ‘House Of Air’, which Maclean accurately describes as “the Australian music video you won’t see on Rage, no matter how late you stay up”, found itself showered in glory at the Berlin Music Video Awards
Directors Brian Fairburn and Karl Eccleston submitted it to the competition at the urging of organisers, and this morning, a bleary-eyed Maclean woke up to a text saying “WE WON!” 
The official title of the award? Most Trashy, of course. 
Speaking about the big win, about the thrill of international recognition, Maclean told PEDESTRIAN:
“I couldn’t make it to Berlin, but Brian & Karl were on the first flight out after we got the nomination. After the months of aggression around the video it makes my heart happy to hear my directors are getting the kudos they deserve.”

Fairburn told PEDESTRIAN that “the award came with a complimentary double-ended dildo,” because of course it did. A hearty congratulations to all concerned:
Earlier this week, Fairburn, Eccleston and Maclean recently released a behind the scenes video documenting the blood, sweat, tears and other bodily fluids that went into creating ‘House Of Air’.  

Photos: Supplied.