WATCH: Brendan Maclean’s ‘Hugs Not Drugs (Or Both)’ Is Your New Sexx Jam

When we asked Aussie legend Brendan Maclean the rationale behind the butt-baring video for his new track ‘Hugs Not Drugs (Or Both)’, which dropped earlier today, he told us quite succinctly:

“Basically I wanted to make a video clip with a queer cast where no one died of AIDS and were clearly enjoying themselves as consenting adults but no one died.

The song and the video are also a fabulous ‘fuck you’ to Mike Baird.” 

The track is a co-write with Sam Cromack from Ball Park Music, and will feature on Brendan Maclean’s upcoming EP, out in June. Enjoy responsibly:
 Source: YouTube / Brendan Maclean.