Last week in surprising news that brought the Kardashian/Jenner clan into controversy, for what surely must be the first time ever, Kendall and Kylie Jenner copped an absolute roasting from the music industry over a tone deaf new line of super spenno tees that emblazoned their ubiquitous faces over “vintage” band merch imagery.

After being rinsed by none other than Biggie’s Mum, as well as receiving take-down notices from the likes of The Doors, the $125 abominations were taken off-sale, but it looks like musos aren’t done with their sweet, sweet vengeance with Canadian indie rock outfit Arcade Fire now also returning serve.

In pics from a London gig overnight, keen-eyed punters noticed a new t-shirt offering at the Arcade Fire merch desk, which seems to be popping the middle-finger at the Jenner sisters by putting the band’s current logo on top of the visage of one Kendall ‘Pepsi-solves-social-inequality‘ Jenner.


When the band finishes up rinsing problematic celebs via cheeky merch offerings, Arcade Fire will be releasing their fifth album ‘Everything Now’ July 28th.

Picture: Kendall Jenner / Twitter.