Alison Wonderland Joins Baird Stacks-On, Calls Sydney “Laughing Stock”

Alison Wonderland has joined the masses currently dragging NSW Premier / potential delusional Mike Baird, after yesterday’s 400-word Facebook post in which he defended Sydney‘s shitty-as lockout laws  – and called opposition to the restrictions “growing hysteria”.

Currently in the middle of a North American tour, she addressed Baird directly in a scathing open letter expressing her frustration that the city has gone from vibrant cultural hub to a “laughing stock” on the global stage, presumably referring to O/S muso acts talking shit about the Nanny State in which Sydneysiders currently find themselves.

“Words can’t explain how embarrassed I am that my home, the most beautiful and once most vibrant city in the world has become a laughing stock internationally,” she wrote. 

“Everywhere I go from mainland Europe to middle America.. (Literally discussed this with random people in Milwaukee the other night) people are asking me if it’s true that Sydney has become a nanny state and voice their genuine concerns about visiting it.”
She also slammed Baird for his cluelessness towards the youf, and for turning Syders into the straight-up evangelical town from Footloose.
“I miss the feeling of being able to discover music whilst exploring Sydney. That’s what made me fall in love with what I do. Sydney is now a ghost town.”

Dear Mike Baird, You obviously don’t listen to anyone younger than you, so perhaps you’ll listen to someone who…

Posted by Alison Wonderland on Tuesday, February 9, 2016

TL;DR? The sentiment is thus:
The post has, at the time this story was printed, had racked up almost 10,000 likes and 460 shares, plus copped a barrage of comments slamming Baird for:
a) Destroying Sydney’s late night culture.
b) Skewing stats about the decrease in violent incidents in Kings Cross to work them in favour of the introduction of the laws.
c) Being in the pocket of casinos like The Star, which are outside of the lockout zone (#casinomike is currently trending on Twitter, and it’s glorious).
Alison’s Aussie-DJs-in-arms Flight Facilities and Nina Las Vegas also vented their frustration with the gradual demise of the city’s nightlife on Baird’s Facebook post – neither held back.
Alright, who’s next to join the Baird pile-on? Blasko? Barnett? Peking Duk?
*hands over mic*
Source and photo: Facebook / Alison Wonderland.