Did The Weeknd Really Play A Voicemail From Bella Hadid At A Recent Concert? An Investigation

Abel "The Weeknd" Tesfaye performing at concert with text on screen which reads "The Weeknd played "Bella Hadid's voicemail" in Lisbon and photo of Oprah Winfrey thinking

Folks reckon Abel Tesfaye FKA The Weeknd has done his ex-girlfriend Bella Hadid dirty by playing a v. intriguing voicemail during a concert in Lisbon, Portugal.


TikToker Ines Madeira (@inesmarquesmadeira) shared a vid from the gig, which captured the end of Tesfaye singing “Save Your Tears”.

As the bloke walks across the stage, a voicemail plays out: “Hey, it’s me. I know it’s been a while but I was thinking about you and I’m sorry about everything.”

Look, I’m no voice connoisseur but it was sort of giving Bella babes. It had the same cadence as the iconic “so my … name … my name is Bella Hadid”.

People were also popping off in the comments with theories about Tesfaye and Hadid’s relationship status.

“He’ll never get over her,” one person said.

“Mans is sooooo obsessed,” wrote another.

“Bro ain’t moving on,” said a third.

In the spirit of investigative journalism, I fact-checked this claim by spending five minutes and 46 seconds listening to the song in question. Putting aside the fact the remix was dogshit and sounded like something my Sims danced to in The Sims 2: Nightlife, the voicemail was indeed from the track.

Thus another Hadid-heavy theory started doing the rounds in the TikTok comments.

“The idea of it is supposed to be Bella,” one person said.

“Even if it’s not Bella I’m pretty sure he used the voice knowing that it sounds like Bella,” another wrote.

My tinfoil hat is tentatively on because I don’t harbour strong feelings about Tesfaye, nor do I have the mental capacity to entertain conspiracy theories about his possible yearning for Hadid. Sorry!

In saying that, I do believe that any man who willingly says “fucking stretch that tiny little [REDACTED]” and “I want to grab you by the [REDACTED] while I suffocate you with my [REDACTED]” on international television (thank you, The Idol!) is more than capable of deliberately distorting a voicemail to sound like his ex. I don’t make the rules!