Last night at the Australian Independent Record Label Association awards (you might know ’em as the ‘AIR Awards‘ or the ‘Aus Indies‘), there was one very clear winner who really cleaned up – A.B. Original.

The hip-hop duo comprising of Briggs and Trials from Funkoars, picked up five gongs throughout the night – Best Independent Single, Best Independent Hip-Hop Album, Breakthrough Independent Artist, Best Independent Album/EP and Best Independent Artist.

Winning all those awards are a very exhausting time, having to get out of your chair, walk up onstage to rapturous applause, graciously accept the award, be showered in love and praise…oh god I’m out of breath just thinking about it.

So Briggs & Trials decided to record a ‘sorry we can’t be there, mates’ video once they won their fourth award for the evening (y’know, in case they got a fifth).

It’s a beaut little slice of perfect comedy that really concretes the idea that Briggs really is going to make some magic with Matt Groening for ‘Disenchantment’ next year.

Peep it below, and wish that everyone who gets multiple awards at other shows had the smarts to do this too.

10/10 content.

Photo: Twitter / @badapplesau.