139 Punters Arrested Over Two Days At Stereosonic Melbourne

Never one to be outdone in the Sydney versus Melbourne pissing contest, one hundred and thirty nine festival-goers were arrested during Stereosonic Melbourne over the last two days, proving the age old adage ‘drugs are a helluva drug’ to be true for the second consecutive weekend. Following the 105 charges issued against revellers at last week’s Sydney leg, Victorian police and their dawgs initiated a crackdown on a crowd estimated to have reached 50,000, nabbing 64 perps on Saturday and a further 68 for possession of ecstasy, amphetamines, cocaine, GHB and MDMA on the Sabbath day, the #Yoliest of Days.
According to the Herald Sun, ten of those were charged and 69 received cautions or diversions.  
With the heavy-heartedness of a parent who expected so much more from you nowadays, Police Senior Sergeant Mark Pilkington said it was disappointing that so many youths were still tempting The Fates by ingesting illicit substances: “Believe it or not, you are taking a serious risk with your health and life every time you take an illicit substance. 
We will continue to work closely with event organisers to try and limit these substances at events.”
No news of arrests from either the Brisbane or Adelaide legs of the festival whose lines traversed the nation, meaning everyone in attendance surely remained sober, natch.
Photo: Stereosonic Sydney by Graham Denholm via Getty