There are the BIG ways we save money, like setting up a budget or even cutting back on the number of coffees we buy a day. REal, tangible tactics. Then, there’s the little things, the tiny money hacks that we might not even make much impact at all yet it satisfies out tightarse souls. It’s not even REALLY about saving money, at least not so much as it’s about getting the most bang for your buck.

Personally, I will painstakingly take my time filling up the petrol tank the exact cent so that it still rounds down if I pay with cash. As a super budget backpacker, I am also the queen of making a sandwich – or 3 – out of those usually pitiful hostel buffet brekkies and sneaking it out with me to later be my lunch. Did they save me a lot? Probably not. Do I feel oddly satisfied when I achieve them? Hell yeah.

i’ve never related to tv SO much.

I asked around the office for other tightarse money hacks, because you’re bound to find some goodies in an office full of creatives, amiright? Here’s a roundup of the best suggestions:

  • Use Jetstar Price Beat.
  • Plan ahead so you can use UberPool for a cheaper fare.
  • Go to all the different groceries stores until you find the one with a special on Kettle Chips.
  • Always, always find a discount code. They’re out there for clothes, food, movies: everything.
  • Sign up to all the frequent shopper rewards programs there are.
  • Join all your local Buy/Swap/Sell groups on Facebook, you can get barely used items for 50% off!
  • Need your makeup done? Hit up your local department store makeup counters and tell them you’d like to try the products before you buy them.
  • Use discount app sites like they’re going out of style, a few faves around the office were Groupon, Eatclub and Dimmi.
  • Buy your clothing out of season, swimmers go on massive sales in winter.
  • Go to all you can eat buffets but you MUST eat more than you can actually fit in

You’re welcome, off you go and save my fellow stingy people.