Share A Few Of Your Genius Savings Hacks & You Could Pocket A Sweet Slice Of $5K

savings hacks

If you’ve come to rely on Finder to help you compare everything from credit cards to potential boyfriends, you’re not alone.

It’s become muscle memory for me to hit up the app every time I think I might be getting stitched up. Whether I’ve moved into a new place and need to sort out electricity, or I think a phone company’s giving me a raw deal ‘cos Susan down the road gets the same gigabytes for five bucks less, I whip out that damn app. It’s a sickness but a healthy sickness that’s saving me money. The best kind of sickness.

The good news is that this incessant need to compare everything will now be rewarding in two ways; not only do you still get to hunt for the cheapest or most beneficial bargain out there, but you could also win a prize just by doing so.

For the rest of October, anyone who uses the Finder app and talks about their little saving hacks can win a share of $5k in prizes. Seeing as I’m on there more often than I talk to real people, I’m stoked.

It’s legit that straightforward. If you don’t have the app, just download it and follow the competition prompts that pop up. There’s also a weekly comp you can enter so that should kill a bit of time while you wait for the sweet, sweet age of retirement (only another 120 years, yay).

You can also finally tell your parents that you’re actively reading up on how to save more. I swear every Aussie parent tries to slip the Barefoot Investor articles under your pillow while you’re sleeping, like they didn’t just have to squirrel away three cents for a beach-front townhouse.

Yes, ragging on the older generation over housing prices is low-hanging fruit but it simply costs too much for the premium fruit up higher, and I can’t afford premium anything if I want to retire before I’m pushing daisies.

Grab the Finder app here if you haven’t already and cross your fingers, toes and buns that you win a little somethin’-somethin’.

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