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There is no shadow of a doubt in my mind that fitness and nutrition icon Charlie Ercan has likely done more push-ups and drank more unicorn water in one year than I have in my entire adult life.

And yes, saying unicorn water in the same sentence as the word ‘adult’ may seem strange to some, but not to anyone who’s familiar with Ercan’s company, Unique Muscle. Founded with her partner Daniel Papanikolaou, Unique Muscle was a passion project that hit the big-time high just after Ercan was at her absolute lowest of lows.

We built our business at our local library and would be there from the moment they opened and stay until close every day,” she said. “We were super frugal and only ate one meal per day. I am so grateful for those days because they taught us a lot and we still operate as a lean business and don’t spend money on unnecessary things“.

As a long-time sufferer of endometriosis, Charlie Ercan was well aware that her body was not responding well to the lifestyle she was leading – and we’ve all recognised the physical signs that come when your body is telling you to wake the heck up and make some changes.

Except hers occurred in a period of time where her living situation was in doubt, her financial situation was questionable at best and her mental state was slowly starting to feel the pressure of keeping strong when her physical being was struggling.

“It completely changed the way I look at product development and health in general. I’m obsessed with researching studies relating to better health and looking for unique ingredients that are going to assist our customers”, she said.

Enter Unique Muscle, a dietary and fitness company that sought to make things a heck of a lot easier for people seeking a lifestyle change, encompassing everything from workout routines to multicoloured unicorn water (in a variety of flavours, to help you up your hydration over the day).

And Ercan clearly hasn’t looked back since.

“It’s so cliché but the more I believed that I can succeed in this industry, the more I was able to achieve. So I am constantly challenging my own thoughts about what I can achieve to reach the next level,” she said.

Now, she’s working with Greater Bank to help a bunch of other folks with side-hustles to achieve their entrepreneurial goals, flogging mentorships and financial support as she imparts the wisdom she’s learned from starting Unique Muscle.

So essentially, an all-round champion human. Hand me that unicorn water.

Image: Instagram / @sliceofcharlie