In Lighter News, Here’s This Unicorn Golden Retriever With 1 Ear On Top Of Her Head

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

As the world turns to shit, it’s necessary to dedicate a little time each day to focus on those things that give us the warm and fuzzies. One such giver of warm and fuzzies is Rae, the self-proclaimed unicorn golden retriever with one blessed ear on her tiny, blessed head.

What’s that I hear? Oh yes, the sound of our hearts collectively shattering into a million loving pieces for this sweet, baby angel.

The unicorn golden retriever, who resides over in the States, boasts over 10K followers on her Instagram @goldenunicornrae. “Accidental injury at birth left me with only my right ear,” her bio reads. “As I grew, it migrated to the top of my head.”

I would 100% take a bullet for this dopey grin.

Most of the world came to know about Rae via this viral TikTok from user @sambosmitty. The ‘Tok subsequently amassed over 3 million views and 480k likes – and rightly so, we simply can’t get enough of her.

@sambosmittyCheck Rae the Unicorn dog out on insta – goldenunicornrae ##petparent ##PlayWithLife ##fyp ##dog♬ New Soul – Yael Naim

If you catch me staring blankly into the distance over the next month, it’s because I’m thinking about Rae’s photos on a never-ending loop.

My endorphins are now flowing. Le fin.