WIN: Cop $1000 Just By Telling Us What You’d Spend That Money On

win money

I would do terrible things for a spare 1000 bucks right about now. Terrible, awful things. What can I say? I’m hankering for one of those Michelin-star meals and my current financial situation won’t let me.

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For those of you who actually have morals but also wouldn’t mind a spare $1K, there’s an alternative that doesn’t involve ruining people’s lives. We’re running a lil’ promo where we give out a thousand dollars to a fortunate winner once a week for six weeks – kinda like Santa but cooler and not as home invasion-y.

All ya have to do is head over to Instant Scratch-It’s Live The Life Bucket List, pick five of the 20 bucket list ideas and then tell us what else you’d add to your own bucket list if you won $1K a week for a year, thanks to Instant Scratch-Its. If there’s ever a time to be creative, it’s now.

The mind boggles to think of what you can do with a thousand buckaroos burning a hole in your pocket every week – rent a jet ski. Lock in rent for a ridiculous mansion for a year. Buy your parents presents to make up for being a dodgy kid. Go to every music festival ever. I mean, even buying expensive clothes is extremely doable, you’re gonna be loaded so who cares what you spend it on?

If you happen to miss out on one of the six weekly cash handouts, there’s another alternative that again, doesn’t involve ruining people’s careers.

Instant Scratch-Its has its own $2 Live The Life scratchies where if you win, you can nab $1000 a week for an entire year – the ultimate gap year. That’s a whole lotta moula for minimal effort which tbh is how all money should be made. Check out the scratchies here.

Fingers crossed, hey?

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