Get Down To Bondi This Saturday If You’re Hankering To Win Freebies


Heavens to Betsy you guys, is everyone in for a bloody treat or what?!

If you happen to reside in Sydney, head down to The Bucket List in Bondi this coming Saturday (16th Feb) if you’re keen on taking a break from admiring the Sydney Opera House, or whatever it is that you locals do in Sydney.

The Bucket List is throwing a Live Your Best Life shindig complete with a giant scratch-its board where you can drown yourself in prizes relating to travel, fashion, food, gaming, fitness – you name it, you can win it.

On top of that, you can lounge about on inflatable toys and, well, live your best life.

The event’s running from 12pm to 5pm so you have ample time to score free stuff and if you miss out because you have more important things to do (which you don’t), you can always head to a local outlet and grab a $2 Live The Life scratchie. Suss out the tickets here. Who knows, you might win ‘uge?

Think those are the only competitions running? Think again, muchachos. We’re also running a promo where we give out a thousand dollars to a winner, once a week for six weeks. Just tell us and Instant Scratch-Its what’s on your bucket list if you won $1k a week for a year (below).

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You gotta be innit to winnit!