Score Yourself A $300 Westfield Voucher For Being As Blunt As Blair Waldorf

Look, we know you’ve got a buncha thoughts, and before you go spilling them all at Christmas lunch where all your judgemental aunts and uncles might give you some serious looks, best to just spill ’em all here. It’s better this way.

Seriously, we’re looking out for your best interests. The festive season is not a time where you wanna go spurting out your random thoughts willy-nilly. Right here though? You can be honest, we won’t judge. Just pop ’em in via the link below.


And ya know what? We’re even gonna reward you for it. Taking that big ol’ chunk of thought and brain space, answering a few easy questions with it and pressing submit could rein you in a tidy $300 buckaroos for you to spend at Westfield.

So you could put it towards a coupla bottles of nice grog to ease the tensions this Christmas anyway – coz let’s be honest, you’ll still cop the side eye from some of the fam.

Either way, givvus some answers and you’re in for a shot. It’s the Waldorf way.

T&Cs apply.