Sling Us Yr Thoughts On Travel & You Could Score A Sweet $300 To Blow At Westfield

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

There are three things I reckon every single person on the planet loves: travel, free stuff and David Attenborough. Today, we’re gonna delve into two out of the three.

Actually, scratch that. Start reading this in Attenborough’s voice and then we’re three for three. (Plus, let’s be honest, it’ll really enhance the whole reading experience.)

Anyhoo, back to travel.

We wanna hear all of your thoughts, feelings and ~vibes~ on travelling. Specifically, travelling to Tropical North Queensland. Has it ever been on your radar? Did you know it was a hot adventure spot? Is it on the bucket list? Givvus all that good goss in this little survey below.

And, circling back to free stuff…

If you don’t wanna share your thoughts from the goodness of your heart, never fear. This one only takes about a couple of minutes, and once you hit submit, you go into the running to win a $300 Westfield voucher.

That’s right. One lucky punter can waltz into their nearest Westfield and absolutely go to town. Hit the cinemas for back-to-back features, buy everything in The Reject Shop or dine like royalty in the food court. Those 300 big ones will get you far.

Good luck!

The T&C’s can be read, here.