WATCH: Rhys Nicholson On Why Comedy Means More Than Just LOLs

When most people think of Rhys Nicholson, they think of dapper suits, a sense of humour, and a sharp wit he’s more than happy to unleash on our PM.

“If I could describe myself in three words, I’d be ‘TICKETS STILL AVAILABLE,” Rhys counts out. “Or, ‘I’D DO ANYTHING.’ And I mean anything.”

It’s this self-deprecating sense of humour that’s made the self-confessed “professional homosexual” a sensation on the national comedy circuit. But in reality, Rhys’ life is more than well-timed burns and pithy observations.

Working as a comedian can often be difficult to manage and control financially, sometimes performing several times a night to bring in a bigger paycheck.  Yet Rhys’ emotional connection with money also differs from that of his boyfriend. Coming from a working-class background, Rhys views money as power.

“My boyfriend grew up in quite a comfortable family, and he doesn’t stress about money the way I do. I get very, like, “No, I have to do three gigs tonight otherwise…” and he’s like, “No no we have money,” and I’m like, “No! It might run out.””

However, he still sees the humour in his attitude to money. Specifically, how he uses his signature suit as a symbol that he’s definitely made it.

“It comes from growing up quite broke. I like looking, well, I’d say ‘Look Rich, Or Die Trying.”

Check out the full video below.


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