Uber Eats Revealed What We Spent All Our Money On This Year & It’s Mostly Nuggs

You know that feeling when you look back at all the meals you’ve chowed down over the last week and you feel a bit guilty? Not because of what you ate, but because of how much you spent on it. Because budget and stuff. Well, sit your sweet self down and get prepared because Uber Eats has released their data for the last YEAR and damnnn Australia, you guys do love your chicken nuggs.

The ‘Bad’ Stuff

In fact, you love nuggs so much, that over 83 million McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets were delivered by the app. Sydney chowed down on most of those, with Melbourne and Perth not far behind. In news that doesn’t surprise me at all, 4.7 million burritos were also delivered over the country. I’m not saying we were all drunk when these things were ordered, but also we were probably drunk.

Speaking of ‘not’ drunk, the most popular food after midnight was the good old cheeseburger.

But winner of the coveted (probably) Most Popular Menu Item, for the second year running? Hot chips. Which is delightfully Aussie to me and the food item I crave most in life, so well deserved. Although Mexican has been the number one trending cuisine in the last 3 months.

The ‘Healthy’ Stuff

In our defence, overall we made a real effort to keep it healthy, particularly since we had our sights on summer. There was a huge 149% increase in food searches within the ‘healthy’ category of the app from June to October this year. Well done us.

As a vegetarian for the last 22 years, let me just tell you that contrary to popular belief, vego food does NOT always mean healthy. But people always seem to assume it is so we’ll give the benefit of the doubt that’s why from June to November people were searching for vegetarian meals 75% more often.

The more obviously health-conscious change, in my opinion anyway, was the 206% increase in plant-based dishes from August to Septemeber. Peak beach bod prep time.

Not entirely sure if Matcha counts as healthy, but regardless it’s here to stay thanks to the 206% increase in orders of natures finest drink from June to November this year. A change which may not be TOTALLY because that’s about the time I moved back to Australia, but I definitely made a big contribution.

The Foodie Stuff

Good to see that foodies of the country are keeping it a little on the luxe side, with a 20% increase in sashimi orders – because sushi is obviously for the normies, I imagine, I don’t eat seafood – and a 36% increase in truffle dishes all from June to November. Can I just say that truffle is ALWAYS worth it? Here’s looking at you, truffle four-cheese gnocchi I ordered every other weekend….and will probably now order to the office because my mouth is literally watering.

The Real Winners

And finally, a very special mention to the person who ordered Uber Eats 658 times this year. That is nearly TWICE a day, every day. A truly spectacular effort. A Melbourne local also managed to rack up a single bill to Domino’s of $914.25. We can only assume that they were throwing a very large party on a very low budget.

A special challenge for next year, the most adventurous Uber Eats-er gave 178 different restaurants a crack this year. Who can beat it?

…Responsibly and all budgeted in of course.