The Life-Improving Stuff Actually Worth Spending Big Money On

A Bunch Of Stuff Actually Worth Spending The Extra Money On

I think it’s a fairly undisputed point that a budget is a good, grown up thing to have in your life. To stick to that budget there’s a lot of things we can cut down on, like picking brand name groceries and making our own coffee. But then there are other purchases (in my humble, not-a-finacial-pro, opinion) that sometimes beg you to spend a little extra money, usually for quality or investment purposes.

Your Health

To the frugal heart, it can be SO tempting to skimp out on things relating to our health. I mean we’re young and fit and stuff anyway right? But guys, sometimes THIS is what you should be budgeting for.

I faced my aging body and got glasses recently, the cheapest ones naturally because DAMN that stuff is expensive. Totally regreting it now. Not only are they not cute, they’re not super comfortable. End result, I never want to wear them. I’m saving up now for a new pair and they shall be glorious!

Then there’s doctors. Yeah sometimes your ailments can be attended to by whichever doctor is going to offer you bulk billing, but then some things you should really see a doctor you feel confident about. If you can combine the two, living the dream, but sometimes a little splurge is worth the peace of mind.

me, trying not to spend my savings on my health

Your Mattress

Do you know how much we sleep? It’s a lot. Like a third of our lives a lot. Even if the rest of your room looks like crap, spending a bit more on a mattress is actually spending money on a solid few years worth of a good night’s sleep. That to me seems absolutely worth it.

Your Holidays

Short get-aways are awesome, no-one can deny that. They’re also cheaper and require less time off work. BUT. What if you could trade them for something bigger, longer and further away. If you have a dream destination, isn’t it worth swapping a bunch of smaller weekenders for the grand prize?

Your Investments

I mean obviously there’s things like shares and bougie stuff like art, which is great and you should definintely talk to a pro about what you should go in on, but what about if we think smaller on a ‘less is more’ type philosophy. Like less items of clothing in your wardrobe, but carefully curated, high-quality pieces that’ll last longer and feel better.

get as excited as this guy…

Your Real Financial Advice

On that note, what about spending a bit of money on a consultation with someone who can tell you exactly how to manage your money? You can read all the online articles you want, but seeing an actual professional who can tailor their advice to your particular needs and assests, that’s going to save you a whole lot of money in the long run.