You can always count on Messina to bring out the big guns for every notable public holiday, can’t you. The kings of Aussie gelato are back at it again this Easter, with their much loved Veruca Salt egg from years past, except rebooted and improved.

Messina Has Laid Its Yummo Salted Caramel Golden Egg In Time For Easter

Dubbed the Veruca Salt 2.0, the golden egg is an homage to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, where the character of Veruca Salt was a downright little shit and the absolute worst – but with excellent taste in desserts. She also wanted everything this bloody minute – which is exactly why Messina’s opening line in the description of their fancy dessert is “if you’re thinking like Veruca Salt would, don’t bother reading on”. 

Messina Has Laid Its Yummo Salted Caramel Golden Egg In Time For Easter

The egg is salted caramel gelato with a passion fruit puree ‘yolk’ centre, encased in a milk chocolate shell. It’s sitting on top of a caramel choc-crunch base with passion fruit mousse and passionfruit-caramel ganache, and to make it all the more outrageous, comes surrounded by spun sugar and white choc feathers. Oooooft.

If you take your lil’ egg out of the freezer and let it sit for ten min, you’ll find when you slice it in half the yolk is all gooey, just like a legit egg. But, y’know, tastier. The egg costs $29 and it’s limited run, so get your orders in online now. We’ll take 40, and  – in true Veruca Salt style – will NOT be saying please or thank you.

Photo: Gelato Messina.