Messina Is Doing Très Luxe Gelato Easter Eggs & I Didn’t Know That Bunny Had A Cold Truck

messina gelato easter eggs limited release

The chocolate season is upon us and the masters of the sweetie treaties — Gelato Messina — have entered the chat with a truly indulgent offering. They’re bringing back those beloved gelato-stuffed eggs for this year’s Easter break.

Three eggies make up the Ménage Egg Trois (hehe) pack this year and they truly look scrum-diddly-umptious. Each gelato egg brings its own powerful energy to the table, much like the three kings offering their blessings and weird-ass presents to Baby Jesus (myrrh? come on).

messina gelato easter eggs
YUMMY TIME!!! [Image: Supplied]
First up you’ve got a strawberry-dipped white chocolate egg absolutely chock full of custard and shortbread gelato and a perfectly spherical strawberry jam yolk. Oh yeah, these are eggs. Yolks and all.

Next in the tray is another white choccy egg filled with vanilla and coconut gelato, mango sorbet, a mango gel yolk and baked cheesecake. That one’s then rolled in desiccated coconut for a real tropical vibe — sounds like a super fancy Weis bar.

Finally, for the real choc-heads in the room, there’s a chocolate and pretzel egg (yum) packed with milk choc gelato, peanut fudge, chocolate brownies and peanut butter caramel yolk.

I can only imagine the Messina team in the creation station was like Mr Bean in that school fete episode — showing up to the science lab and fucking around with everything until something magic happens. In his case, it was causing an explosion of royal blue gas and in this case, it’s three delicious gelato eggs for us to shove in our gullets.

The delicious trio may set you back $95 for the lot but it will make you the favourite child/partner/Sunday lunch attendee. Plus Messina has chucked out a couple of golden eggs in the mix and if you crack open your box to find one, you’ll score a year’s worth of sweet treats.

Honestly, if this is what Jesus died for, then that’s alright with me. Jesus died so we can have a yummy little treat from the shops, it is true.

All these Easter yummies are on sale from the Messina website on Monday March 20, so brief yourself in on your local’s release times and give mum a heads up that you’re bringing a particularly special treat to family lunch this year.