Creating a phenomenal cheese board is actually a daunting task. Sure, you know the cheeses you like. Double-cream brie. Smoked gouda. Manchego. Hell, all of ’em. But finding the best ones? Knowing how to put them all together on a board and have the right flavours going on there? HARD.

Also, we’re lazy shits who can’t be bothered heading down to the supermarket or grocer to pick up a bunch, let alone set them up with their corresponding sides like quince paste and muscatels.

Enter White Label Supper Club.

It’s the brainchild of Tim Philips-Johansson and David Hobbs, the guys behind Bulletin Place and Dead Ringer.

They’ve worked out that because we’re all lazy but we also like high quality snacks, there’s a market for platter delivery. You know, so you can feed your mates on wine night. Have snacks out for your book club. Etc, etc.

They’re doing cheese boards, charcuterie boards, snacks and desserts, which you can either pick up from certain locations or order to your home via UberEats. And, as they explain in their press release, it’s all restaurant quality stuff.

White Label Supper Club is all about taking the hassle out of selecting cheeses and meats from your local deli and preparing them yourself. WLSC offers the same high quality products as the best restaurants in the country and slice, and cut to order. Unlike many other home delivery meals, our products improve in the time it takes to get to your door.

Sometimes, heroes come along. This is that time, folks.

Check out all the info (and start ordering) on their site here.

Image: Supplied