Ask anyone obsessed with beauty products and they’ll tell you point blank – the best place for product rec’s is Reddit. It’s basically like getting every beauty addict in one online place to chat at length about holy grail products everyone swears by. 

It can get pretty spenno trying out all the high end makeup on counter at Sephora/Mecca/department stores, and while a lot of the cost when it comes to luxury beauty is genuinely worth it – getting some in-the-know hot tips can save you from picking up something that might look lush, but isn’t worth it’s price tag. 

There’s a LOT on there, so if you want to deep dive I recommend hitting r/makeupaddiction and r/skincareaddiction yourself. But here are some of the big guns that get upvoted the most. And upvotes = hot shit, so you know spending your $$ on these babies is worth it.


Luminous Silk has been a cult foundation for years, but it’s really taken off amongst the beauty set since the rise of selfie-culture. It gives the perfect “lit from within” glow to skin without compromising on coverage.

REDDIT LOVE: “I really love this foundation. It’s the only one I’ve found that not only lasts, but looks THE SAME on my face all day. I have normal/oily skin, but I don’t like super matte foundations because then I just look all weird and dry before my oils come in worse than ever. Luminous Silk just looks perfectly natural all day.”Mathsnail.


Nars products regularly make the top rated on beauty forums and Reddit, so naturally one of their foundations is well-loved. Sheer Glow, like Luminous Silk, gives that radiant finish people froth on these days, but it’s a bit more long-wearing and high coverage. A little goes a long way, which is another reason people adore it.

REDDIT LOVE:  “With this foundation, I find that it actually looks like my own skin while also evening it out.” – BaconAtTiffanys.


Yes, yes – we’ve included three foundations. But everyone knows base is the most important makeup step, and not all skin is the same. DoubleWear gets all it’s upvotes from gals and guys with oily skin – it’s high coverage, lasts forever, and keeps shine at bay.

REDDIT LOVE: You have to work fast and make sure you exfoliate really well, but that stuff is the real deal. I wore it for years during long retail hours and never had one problem with it.” – princessmango.


The Ordinary is one of those brands where the hype is absolutely legit. Their entire premise is creating skincare and makeup that works, minus the heavy price tag. Buffet is exactly what you think it is – an all-encompassing serum for anti-ageing. It mixes peptides with super hydrating hyaluronic acid. It’s the only cheapie we’ve included because seriously, we’d pay top dollar for this guy.

REDDIT LOVE: “I really do notice a difference in the fine wrinkles around my eyes, and my forehead looks a lot smoother. My skin just looks better when this is a regular part of my routine, and I missed it when I couldn’t get hold of it for two months.”CrikeyAphrodite


Liquid exfoliators are a big deal among the beauty set, because they dissolve dead skin cells and clear out blocked pores without causing skin damage like physical exfoliators can. Paula’s Choice 2% BHA liquid is touted as a ‘holy grail’ product for anyone with acne or breakout-prone skin that also happens to be sensitive or dry, because it doesn’t irritate but still clears everything the hell up.

REDDIT LOVE: “I can’t talk enough about how much I love this stuff! It’s made my skin so clear and smooth. And it got even better after I made sure to wait the full 30m after applying to moisturize.” surethangshawty


Anastasia Beverly Hills is arguably the #1 name when it comes to brow products – their Brow Wiz pencil also nailed the top 5 when it came to upvoted brow stuff. But Dipbrow takes it out because it’s the absolute go-to for people with sparse brows who need colour to stay where they bloody put it. 

REDDIT LOVE: It’s amazing and it sticks to the skin until I wash it off. It’s the best thing ever.”Tucktion


Plenty of people will tell you no one needs a whole eyeshadow palette – they’re wrong. In the era of Kylie Jenner-esque shaded smoky eyes, a good palette can do wonders, and this is the best of the best. Every shade is useable and it allows for a multitude of different vibes, from full-on dark smoky to gentle taupe daytime contouring. Plus, it legit smells like chocolate.

REDDIT LOVE: “I use it in some way every single day since I’ve gotten it” listentolions


If you’re in the market for a new gel eyeliner, this is the MVP. Blacktrack specifically is the shade everyone goes on about, giving inky dark cat-eye flicks that stay put all day (or night).

REDDIT LOVE: Blacktrack is my favorite. It wears forever, is so smooth, and I get MONTHS out of a single jar.” GlitterButt_


The matte finish and void-of-sparkle formula of Benefit’s Hoola are two of the key reasons this bronzer has remained a top seller since it’s inception. Reddit fans tend to love it for contouring (see again: lack of sparkle), but it also gets top points for how well it blends.

REDDIT LOVE: “It’s so soft and buttery. It’s subtle but at the same time not too sheer. It’s also very buildable. I highly recommend it!” – hyunah_aa 


These powders are honestly like magic – how something can light up your entire face without throwing obvious sparkle under lights is honestly some kind of black magic. There are several shades in the collection, but Redditors tend to bang on the most about ‘Dim’ and ‘Luminous’ – Dim more so for darker skin tones and Luminous for lighter. 

REDDIT LOVE: “It works really well on my skin and always give me this gorgeous glow, even if I just dust it on bare skin.”red_one2012


If you’re going to call your mascara ‘They’re Real!’ you 100% need it to actually make lashes look fake. And thankfully for Benefit, that’s exactly the kind of rave reviews this baby gets on the regular. It’s routinely the focus on before/after posts on Reddit showcasing it’s phenomenal lash-extending qualities.

REDDIT LOVE: “I’ve used this mascara for a year and absolutely adore it! It makes the blonde-ish nubs I have for eyelashes as close to perfect as I can find.”muddysparkles


Laura Mercier’s most cult products have to be their collection of primers. People with very dry or very oily skin types tend to gravitate toward the hydrating or oil-free ones respectively, but the radiance formula is a favourite for people looking to boost the luminous quality of their base without using an actual dewy foundation. 

REDDIT LOVE: Love all her primers (the oil-free and hydrating versions are great as well), but the radiance one just gives this nice subtle luminous base for my makeup. I thankfully have pretty good skin, so sometimes I just use this and a little concealer under my eyes/around my nose and it looks great.” Praier


Is there any other beauty product in existence that looks as ridiculously luxe as this? No, no there is not. These colour-correcting illuminating balls were doing their thing way before colour correcting and illuminating were trends, and they’re still regarded as one of the best finishing powders on market.

REDDIT LOVE: I like to use it all over my face since I like a more radiant, glowing look but you can just as easily use it as a highlighter.” leucocytes_

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