To me, the marker of a Fully Formed Adult Human lies in the kinds of household items they have. Levelled up from flat-pack furniture to some kind of nice revamped mid-century piece? Plants? Couches that match or at least colour co-ordinate? And finally; do they own a Dyson?

Well, if you’re wanting to take your adult life to the next level and invest in a Dyson vacuum cleaner, now’s your chance to do it without selling a kidney and half your life savings.

Bunnings has begun stocking a couple of the cult-fave suckers, and they’re going for pretty bloody decent prices.

The V6 Stick Vacuum in particular, which is going for a tidy $279 – where elsewhere it’s upwards of $450. Now that’s a fucken steal, my good friends.

Also, it’s real good for vacuuming tricky things like…your cat. Not this is not a euphemism.

Bunnings is also stocking the OG Ball Barrel Vacuum for $379, which is going for around $550 on the Dyson site.

We’ve been told by the helpful red shirt/green apron-clad staff at Bunnings that the vacuums can be found at the majority of Bunnings stores apart from the NT and WA’s Bunbury, Armadale, and Broome stores – who will be getting stock later this week.

However, these suckers are only available for a limited time only, and while stocks last. So I suggest you go in, pop your dog in the trolley, and cop yourself one of these good-ass buys before stopping to the see the local sports team/primary school’s marquee out the front for the sausage sizzle.

Finally, you’ll be able to delightfully surprise your parents when they drop by unannounced, by nonchalantly leaving your fancy-ass new Dyson out for them to see. I can almost hear my parents’ approving murmurs already, hell yeah.

Or, if you really want to earn bulk brownie points, grab one for your Dad/Pa/Pop/Uncle/parental figure for Father’s Day. That’ll get you right in the Good Books™.

Image: Bunnings Warehouse