Move Over Bondi, Here Are The 10 Sydney Suburbs People Want To Live In Right Now

sydney suburbs

sydney suburbs

As much as we might tire of hearing the age-old adage ‘location, location, location’, we have to admit, moving house is often driven by the desire to live in a better area.

Whether it’s an attempt to shorten your daily commute, or merely find yourself within ‘walking distance’ of some cute brunch haunts, there’s no point downplaying the significant role that location plays in finding the perfect place.

In fact, new research from found that despite almost half of young Aussies renters reporting being in a state of ‘rental stress’, we still value ‘location’ over ‘price’ when looking for a rental property.

And one location that never fails to attract young Sydneysiders is, of course, Bondi. I mean, what’s not to love? It’s got a to-die-for beach, cool shops, lively bars and ridiculously attractive surfers roaming the streets.

But, realistically, not everybody can move to Bondi. Between the expensive living costs and, at times, inconvenient public transport situation, living in the famous beachside town might not make much sense at all. So where else are young Sydney folk moving to?

Here to help answer the question, we teamed up with to find out which Sydney suburbs are trending in 2019.

To help quantify trending suburbs, we compared the supply (number of listings) and demand (number of searches) of properties across Sydney’s central and inner metro areas to bring you the top 10 suburbs to know about if you’re looking for a new place.

1. Newtown

Located in Sydney’s inner west, Newtown has undergone a nightlife renaissance following the implementation of the lock-out laws. A stone’s throw away from the city’s major universities, Newtown is an alternative, vibrant part of town with a brunch scene to boot.

2. Paddington

Situated in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, Paddington is centrally located (making for a relatively short commute for city workers) but also offers more up-market, suburban life on the weekends, with cafes and designers shops just a short walk away.

3. Darlington

Wedged between Newtown and Redfern, Darlington is a slightly quieter, albeit gloriously located, place to live. You’re within walking distance to some of the city’s major hotspots, while maintaining more chillaxed streets.

4. Bronte

If you love Bondi, but you can’t quite justify splurging on the postcode, why not consider somewhere like Bronte? It’s just around the corner from Bondi (separated only by Tamarama), plus, if you fancy strolling to the tourist capital, you can make the most of the famous (and very ‘grammable) Bondi to Bronte coastal walk.

5. Annandale

You’ve probably heard of Glebe, with its cute weekend markets and vibrant bars. Well, Annandale is just one suburb over and set to follow in its neighbour’s footsteps, with easy access to the city, and an emerging culinary scene.

6. Surry Hills

If you’ve always wanted to walk to work, and love feeling of living somewhere that others consider a ‘destination’, Surry Hills is perfect for ya. It’s really got the trifecta: cool eateries, local markets and a short bus ride/stroll into town.

7. Balmain

Balmain is slightly further out than places like Annandale and Newtown but it’s still, objectively speaking, reasonably close to the city. For the little extra distance, you get a lot more for your money and a lot more of those peaceful ‘burban feels. Also, if you love dogs, this high street is practically heaven on earth.

8. Coogee

Similar to Bronte, Coogee is a viable alternative to Bondi. While it takes slightly longer to get to the city from Coogee, it’s more affordable without compromising on the beautiful beachfront views or bustling local community vibes.

9. Darlinghurst

Home to Oxford St and some of the city’s best nightclubs, there’s always something happening in Darlinghurst. If you want all the action right on your doorstep, this is a great suburb to start your search.

10. Redfern

Situated just one stop away from Sydney’s buzzy Central station, Redfern is an undeniably convenient location. Add some cool young creatives and low-key breakfast bakeries into the mix and there’s quite a few boxes ticked already.